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First use of the Del Monte name on a food productDel Monte coffee premieres as a premium blend of coffee packaged for the prestigious Hotel Del Monte in Monterey, California.


THE DEL MONTE® BRAND IS INTRODUCEDThe firm expanded its business and selected Del Monte as the brand name for its new line of canned peaches.


Del Monte shield makes its first appearance on a can label.


Introduction of Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet PineappleThe first new pineapple variety in more than 15 years


The New York Stock ExchangeOctober 1997, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. begins trading on the NYSE under the FDP ticker symbol (FDP).


Acquired Del Monte Foods Europea leading producer and distributor of prepared fruit, vegetables and beverages in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.


Establishment in the UAEwith a state of the art fresh cut facility built in Dubai that handles fresh produce, fresh cut fruit and vegetables, as well as ultra fresh juices to cater to the Middle East region.


Acquired the Costa Rican group Caribanasubstantially increasing Del Monte® branded banana and Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapple production from Central America.


Opening of ripening facility in Paris, FranceStock Capacity 27T of Bananas, with an additional capacity to store 500 pallets of other products, such as deciduous, citrus and tropical fruit.


Sustainably Grown Certification!Del Monte Fresh Produce is pleased to announce the third-party certification of its banana farms in Guatemala and Costa Rica, its pineapple farms in Costa Rica, as well as its pineapple farms and canning operations in Kenya as Sustainably Grown. This certification was issued by SCS Global Services (SCS).


Fresh Cut Facility opened in France


Del Monte® brand celebrates its 125th anniversary!125 years providing the best, fresh, prepared and processed fruits from farm to fork